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SPARK Autism Research & Finding a High Quality ABA Provider
At Kyo we believe in bringing the latest research and information to our families. In this webinar we will discuss characteristics of a high quality ABA program. Dr. Amanda Gulsrud from UCLA will join us to speak more on autism, genetic research, and the SPARK Research Study's objectives. Through SPARK's study you can participate in autism research from the comfort of your home.

Learning Objectives:
Hallmarks of high quality ABA therapy
Genetics research and SPARK
How SPARK gives back to families
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Kyo enables children with autism to reach their full potential through the delivery of customized ABA therapy. Our treatment methodology is based on the proven-effective behavior science of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and our therapy programs are tailored to the individual strengths and interests of each child. We are proud to be an in-network provider for most major health insurance programs. The Kyo team partners with parents and other professionals to deliver the highest quality of treatment possible for our clients and their families.


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